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Everything Is Ireland’s Fault: Or Why I’m a Bad Immigrant

Hey, Ireland, I’ll let you in on a little secret. As much crap as you talk about the immigrants within your borders, we talk about you too. Even after nearly five years of living in Dublin, a town I’ve grown … Continue reading

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The Leading Edge: Quality Of Life In a Small Country

Please recognize in advance that everything in this post is my opinion, and any “wisdom” is based solely on my lived experience. No experts were consulted, no “facts” are involved, and your mileage will definitely vary. Well, now that the … Continue reading

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Why Ireland Is Better Than the United States: One Man’s Joy At Not Living Somewhere Slavishly Devoted To ‘The Individual’

After nearly three years of living in Ireland, the thrill and curiosity of not living in a superpower has dulled a bit, but still fascinates me. On a daily basis the need not to compete with everyone, and the need … Continue reading

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Now Is the Next Big Thing

After last week’s post, I didn’t want to leave things on a down note for too long, so I decided to put an up spin on something negative that happened recently. Now that I’m living in Dublin, I’ve decided to … Continue reading

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A Better Life

Well, this week’s post was going to be a service piece about organizing an international move.  But after I read a recent blog post by “internationally known author, consultant, and futurist” Ian Morrison, that plan went into the bin.  I … Continue reading

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More Questions Than Answers About Immigration

This week’s post was supposed to be “A Brief History of Immigration”, but as I began to delve into the topic I realized that there is nothing brief about this subject.  It’s been going on in one form or another … Continue reading

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Don’t Go Away Angry….Just Go Away

When I tell people that I’m moving to Ireland one of the more frequent responses, regardless of political bent, is some riff on, “God, take me with you. The way things are going in this country, I’m dying to get … Continue reading

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