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Thanksgiving in Ireland: The Importance of Sharing Old Traditions and Making New Ones

Each year around Thanksgiving I’m amazed at how many of the Irish I meet are familiar with American Thanksgiving traditions. I know that’s not a typical immigrant experience. Ireland and the U.S. are unnaturally close. But I am heartened to … Continue reading

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Resolutions in a New Country

I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions.  I figure that if you really want to change a pattern of behavior there’s no need to fetishize a particular date? Just start changing.  To me picking a resolution start … Continue reading

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A Christmas Story

With no trendy shoes left, and supplies of the Xbox 003 running low, Mary wailed, and Joseph, stoned to the gills on frankincense, bludgeoned the Magi with an urn full of Myrrh before storming the doors of the Bethlehem Wal-Mart. … Continue reading

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What We Left Behind – Phantom Pains of Friends and Family Back At Home

Living abroad has been a mixed bag of ups and downs on every front.  But I never realized how much family and friends mean to us, and how “distant” I could feel until disaster struck last week, and close family … Continue reading

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