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Pets Abroad: Moving Overseas With Pets

For many of us, whether we have children or not, our pets are like our children. And, right, wrong, or indifferent, the thought of leaving them behind when moving overseas is unthinkable.  Fortunately, in recent years airlines seem to have … Continue reading

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How to Plan an International Move

WARNING: Service Post Now that the last of our stuff has arrived almost entirely intact, I feel good about moving this topic perpetually off of the “upcoming” list and talking about the what, how, and a few of the horrors … Continue reading

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Moving Pets Overseas

WARNING: Service Post Those of you with kids and no pets may not “get” this post.  But for those of us with pets and no kids, the notion of moving overseas brings one thought to the forefront.  What about the … Continue reading

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Of Icebergs, Pet Urine, and Mile High Bourbon – A Few Thoughts On Leaving the United States

Nothing comes off exactly as planned.  But, now, a week after the fact, I can safely say that departure from Bloomington, Chicago, and the United States went about as smoothly as could be expected. Sitting in the gate area waiting … Continue reading

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The Clothes On Our Backs: Final Choices About Stuff

We’ve lost our minds.  Entering the home stretch, we’ve gone absolutely stupid insane.  Our final week is a maze of meals with great people, selling little bits of our lives, one car (or sideboard) at a time.  But through it … Continue reading

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You Want Fleas With That?

We woke this morning to news that Irish police had found and detonated a bomb on a bus headed for Dublin.  With tensions high in anticipation of the first visit from a British monarch (Queen Elizabeth II) since independence, some … Continue reading

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