Now Is the Next Big Thing

After last week’s post, I didn’t want to leave things on a down note for too long, so I decided to put an up spin on something negative that happened recently.

Now that I’m living in Dublin, I’ve decided to put my Masters in film (and years of freelance experience) to work again by covering the world of Irish filmmaking.  I approached the editors of SCRIPT Magazine (who’d always been good to me over the years) about a series of articles on Irish screenwriters.  They expressed some interest, and the conversation seemed to be moving forward. But a few weeks later, emails began to go unanswered.  Long story short, SCRIPT has now joined the ranks of print magazines that are no longer in print.

It seems now, looking back on it, that the late 1990s and early 2000s must have been the salad days for struggling screenwriters.  The economy was so flooded with the bacchanalian excess of unpaid Hollywood scribes that there were at least three print magazines dedicated exclusively to screenwriting.  I wasn’t making any money as a screenwriter, but clearly it was a going industry.  There were enough interested advertisers and readers to make a go of it.  Whether my journalist and pro screenwriter wannabe friends and I knew it, those were the “good” times. That was it.

So, now, with the economy in the tank here in Ireland, and in much of the world, I’m reminded of that time.  Nobody knows where we are headed, so we’d be well advised to look on today as the good times, and days of infinite possibility. As hard as it may be to imagine, the next great genius may be hard at work in a garage somewhere. Whether their work will lead to a boom (with all of its excess baggage) or not is irrelevant.  He/She will not have squandered the now.   And it’s not necessary to emigrate to make this happen.  It can happen anywhere.

So step up and start something.  Now is the time.  None of us want to look back and say, “I coulda’ been a contender, if only I’d known how good I had it.”

Regret is the enemy of everything.

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