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What’s In Your Suitcase?

The process of moving overseas causes one to look at every material item in their life and assess its monetary value (“Is the blender really worth $11.30 per cubic foot?”).  But you also find yourself making value judgments about hobbies, … Continue reading

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The Long Goodbye

The past few weeks, as we’ve gotten “serious” about packing, canceling subscriptions, disconnecting utilities, stopping direct deposits/payments, and the minutiae of moving overseas, we’ve been blessed to have friends and family ask to hang out with us one last time. … Continue reading

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Gone Daft: Dublin Rental Websites

Apologies for contributing a not so pithy “service” post this week, but today was our deadline to push our first shipment (books, clothes, computers, etc.) out the door and on the road to Dublin.  Later this week we’ll head to … Continue reading

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Renting in Ireland: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

At the tail end of twenty-fours hours that included a transatlantic flight, learning to drive on the left, and a hasty (but not tasty) lunch, we knocked on two wrong doors, and finally found the first apartment on our list … Continue reading

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Burnt Toast & Jam: First Impressions of Dublin

It is a fact that every single piece of toast I was served on my first visit to Dublin had been lightly scorched.  That said, they were all served with a tiny plastic trough of jam.  I was given something … Continue reading

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