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How to Plan an International Move

WARNING: Service Post Now that the last of our stuff has arrived almost entirely intact, I feel good about moving this topic perpetually off of the “upcoming” list and talking about the what, how, and a few of the horrors … Continue reading

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A Better Life

Well, this week’s post was going to be a service piece about organizing an international move.  But after I read a recent blog post by “internationally known author, consultant, and futurist” Ian Morrison, that plan went into the bin.  I … Continue reading

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Ties That Bind – Ireland Remembers 9/11

As someone old enough to remember watching the events of 9/11 unfold on television, it was amazing to experience the tenth anniversary of those attacks on New York, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon in the country that, more than any other, … Continue reading

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Modern Immigration

Having looked at what have been the most common reasons how and why people migrate/emigrate, I now have to ask, are those reasons still valid today? In today’s world, where we are all (or most of us anyway) citizens of … Continue reading

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