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Electing a President – Irish Presidential Politics

Few things make you feel more isolated, non-assimilated, and, at times, deeply amused, than watching a presidential election take place in your new home when you have nearly as much at stake as any other local resident, and absolutely no … Continue reading

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Out In the Country

From friends, family, and casual acquaintances we hear: “I LOVE Ireland.  It’s so green. I’m definitely going someday.” Yes.  It is.  It really is as green as everyone imagines it to be.  And the cottages, stone fences, and the fields … Continue reading

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A Better Life

Well, this week’s post was going to be a service piece about organizing an international move.  But after I read a recent blog post by “internationally known author, consultant, and futurist” Ian Morrison, that plan went into the bin.  I … Continue reading

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Five Things I Love About Dublin Ireland

Well, last week’s post seemed to stir up a bit of interest on all sides of the issues, not least of which was my use of the word “hate”.  Many of the people who left comments felt that after living … Continue reading

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Don’t Go Away Angry….Just Go Away

When I tell people that I’m moving to Ireland one of the more frequent responses, regardless of political bent, is some riff on, “God, take me with you. The way things are going in this country, I’m dying to get … Continue reading

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